Site owners show revised ideas

In September 2016 St Michael’s owners Hayward & Co began updating interested groups, including Enterprise St Michael’s, with their architects’ new proposals.  While we give them credit for some improvements over the 2011 planning application, their new ideas would still impose 51 houses and 44 flats on the Trading Estate with a net loss of 2,000 sq.ft of trading area.  Worse, most of the new work units would be tucked underneath flats, and the Planning Officer says that businesses in the redeveloped area would be restricted to office workers or other “quiet” businesses – no shops, noisy or dusty artisan workshops which could cause upset to the new residents.

In our view, once the money from the new housing is spent, the Trading Estate would be worse off than before with reduced size and income, and would dwindle and die.  We have put this view to Haywards.