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Link up with the local community

In order for Bridport to secure funding to acquire, develop and maintain St Michael’s, strong and visible evidence of support is needed. Enterprise St Michael’s success depends on a significant number of the community taking part.

This is the reason Enterprise St Michael’s have issued Community Shares for which applications are available here. In returning the simple form you will become a member of Enterprise St Michael’s and have a right to vote on various issues and an influence in decision making. Each member has one vote.

Enterprise St Michael’s is especially committed to consulting and representing the views of the local community. If you have any views you wish to express or wish to volunteer your active support please contact us.

The best way for you to express your interest and support is to join Enterprise St Michael’s as a shareholding member by downloading, printing and returning the application form (it’s very short!)

The cost is £5 per person, which buys a £1 share and the first year’s. The money we raise from this is enough to cover our start-up costs, which includes printing, postage, fees and payments to third-parties.

Your contribution to the local community initiative will help to keep one of Bridport’s oldest manufacturing sites safe and assist in attracting much needed investment.

If you are a resident of Bridport, or a regular visitor, you will see the direct benefit of this in years to come through retaining local jobs and providing a location where more small businesses can flourish, and where young people can develop their skills.

We would be pleased to welcome you to the growing list of shareholding supporters.

More Substantial Investment

An outline of the different ways in which major investment will be used is given on our Investment page.

If you have questions regarding forms of investment, we will be happy to give you our full and individual attention. Initially, please contact us via email,