Business at Enterprise St Michael

Manufacture, Retail, Practical Trades

AB Cleaning Services

Bridport Tile and Glass

Bridport Upholstery

Bridport Renewable Energy Group

Burwood’s Domestic Appliances

Bridport Discount Furniture

Carlos Guarita, photographic journalist

Charlie Fuge, illustrator

Cleo Bodycare, Aromatherapy

Coastal Nets

Country Seats

Dan Williams, furniture design

Fat Leaf, outdoor furniture design

Fiona Neylan, milliner

DC Woodwork, stage and theatre installations

Gabriel Holland Interior Design

Hazel Murless, soft furnishings

Jemma Thompson, signwriting

Karl Dixon, Masonry

Kate Alder, jewellery

Keo Films

Kites for Schools (and banners)

Landsdown Property Holdings

Livingston Textiles

Local Food Links (including school meals)

Martin Bell vintage coachbuilder

Mike Wade, Sculpture and waxworks

Mole Brown Gilding

Nigel Day, installations

Ocean Bathrooms

Paul Blow, illustrator

Paul Machin, web design, media

Peter Watson, printing

PNC Plaques and signs

Pop Upstairs Studio

Red Brick Café

RP Motors

S J Bowles Vehicle upholstery

Snips Hairdressers

Steve Rose stained glass

The Auction House

The Trick Factory

Tower Studio, media and web design

Wessex Wines

West Country Waste



Country Furniture

Dogwood Antiques

Old Albion

Ruby in The Dust

Pine and Painted

Vintage at Cornucopia

Pine and Country

C+P Antiques and Paintings

Sam’s Jams and Chutneys

DT Antiques

Colmes Interiors

George’s Vintage Clothing

The Lost Room


R+M Antiques

The Alleyways Antiques


New to You


Stacey Antiques

Turning Point

Munro’s Collectables

Lady Melone

The Duchess and The Gypsy

Liz’s Corner

Fay Boon Framing


More Than Tat

D+M Antiques

Antiques Studio

Martin’s Cabinets


Adrian Everitt

Alessandro Botto

A. Leppard

Anna Sullock

Brian Johnson

Caroline Irelan

Charles Hallsworth

Claire Shilton

David Brooke

Ergo Phizmiz

Ian Dunn

Isla Chaney

Jan Zoyak

Joanna Leigh

John Boyd

Jolyton Carter

Kit Glaisyer

Marion Irons

Marion Taylor

Mary Sutton

Nicolas Kalinosky

Pru Hewett-Morgan

Red Smith

Sue Wotton

Sally Davies

Sally Miles